Remember in Your Prayers

In life, we have many different moments and emotions. We have times of joy, where everything is just going right and getting better by the minute. We also have times when life is sad, when calamities like sickness and hard times set in. No matter what the moment may hold, it is always important to pray. Prayer helps us to become closer to God, to help get the troubles of our lives off of our chest, and to help thank God for letting life go right. As a church, we keep a prayer list so that way people can pray for those who are not well. We ask you to keep the people on this list in your prayers.

As you take the time to pray, please remember in your prayers...

John Barrick, Brock Bowman, Fred Drotleff, Shirley Essig, Melinda Farber, Bill French, Dorothy Hunt, Alex and Stacy Hunt, Corrine Haney, Tammy Klingelhoffer, Michele Krejny, Robert Kuhns, Mary Larson, Micah Muller, Rose Orlando, Art Pontones, Russ Rennie, Dee Dee Ross, Tammy Seward, Nancy Tolfo, Pastor Roger Thompson, Linda Wallace, Marlene Ward, Dottie Scott & Family, the John Helman family, the family of Rich Neice, the family of Oltie Pickens, the Beverly Reed family, and those serving our country.

How do we make this list possible?

We make this list possible through the help of our congregation and the community, because everyone needs someone to pray for them. This list is updated thanks to the hard work of our secretary, Mary Drotleff. However, we do ask for the help of the congregation and the community to keep this list as up-to-date as possible. If you notice that a correction needs made to the list, whether a name needs to be added or removed, please contact the church.

Receive Prayer Requests Over the Phone

Do you or someone you know want to receive prayer requests instantly but do not have access to e-mail? If this is the case, we welcome you to join our church's prayer chain. The prayer chain is a group of people who call each other to get prayer requests out. Contact the church office to join the chain.

Emergencies Needing Prayer Immediately

If you know of any situation that needs prayer immediately, we have channels to send prayer requests out instantly. If a prayer request needs to go out immediately during our church's office hours, please contact Mary Drotleff. Any time past these office hours, please contact Jacob Schandel, church technology coordinator and webmaster. He will send out this request as well as pass on the prayer request to Mary to add to the official prayer list. Contact Mary or Jacob.

Receive Prayer Requests to Your E-mail

Our church provides an e-mail newsletter to push out updates such as prayer requests immediately. This newsletter is called Office Update. Subscribe to these updates.