The Shepherdcast moves to Anchor

In an effort to cut costs, we have moved the Shepherdcast from SoundCloud to Anchor, the completely free podcasting service provided by Spotify. A number of other podcasts are hosted on Anchor, including the WeatherJazz Podcast by André Bernier at FOX 8. This will allow us to reduce the cost needed to bring you the Shepherdcast. As far as what this means for you is concerned…
  • If you use our church website to listen or a podcast app that isn’t SoundCloud, you should be set!  All of our podcast RSS feeds have been redirected to the new Shepherdcast feed on Anchor.
  • If you use SoundCloud itself outside of our church website, you will need to use a different podcast app or the church website.  As SoundCloud is shifting its focus as of late to musicians rather than podcasting, this will give you a better experience anyhow for our episodes!  If you could use a recommendation for an app or want to listen on the website, click here.
Thank you for your continued support of this ministry!