Media and Technology Committee launches new Discord server

The Media and Technology Committee has launched a Discord server for our church.  For those who have never used Discord before, it is a free service (originally designed for video game players, but since COVID has been adapted for all sorts of groups and communities) which allows for voice and text chat among a group of people.  So, as worries surrounding the pandemic and social distancing grow for many people, and our Media and Technology Committee needed a better tool to communicate easily, the Media and Technology Committee made this server to facilitate discussion among groups at our church.  If you would like a digital platform for your committee or group at our church to be able to better communicate, or you want something that isn’t regular social media to interact with your friends at church, we invite you to visit our server! If you want to join Shepherd of the Valley’s Discord server, please visit:  (Note: a free Discord account is required to access this.)