LWR quilting group in the home stretch for 2020, blessing held September 27

On Sunday, September 27, our church held its annual quilt blessing!  During the Prayers of Intercession, a number of quilts were blessed that were made by our quilting group that makes quilts for Lutheran World Relief.  (Click the below pictures to view them larger/clearer.) Our quilting group will continue to work on additional quilts each Tuesday beginning around 9 AM until the day all quilts made by the group are gathered and delivered to Lutheran World Relief’s quilt “ingathering,” which is in North Canton this year.  The group invites anyone interested in helping them in their ministry to wear their favorite mask and join them as they work on Tuesdays!  For more information on the quilting group and how it supports Lutheran World Relief, please visit www.sotvchurch.com/quilting.