Attention Shepherdcast listeners on Android: Google Play Music is shutting down

If you are a Shepherdcast listener who listens to us on Google Play Music, we wanted to give you a heads up: Google will be shutting down Play Music beginning in September.  As a courtesy, we have some information from The Verge on this transition below with regards to music:

For our podcast listeners, this means you will need to choose a new app to keep getting the Shepherdcast on your device.  Below is a list of apps that we directly share our podcast to, including links to download the app and subscribe to our podcast immediately. (Note: the Google Podcasts app below is a new, separate app from Google Play Music and is the same app that is used by the Nest, AKA Google Home, speakers for managing podcasts.)

Listen on Pocket Casts

Listen on Spotify

Listen on Google Podcasts

Listen to Stitcher

Listen to Stitcher

Listen on RadioPublic