Worship cancellation to extend through May, we continue in ministry on the Shepherdcast

It has become clear through additional recommendations from Bishop Allende (his e-mail to clergy as shared publicly is here) as well as by monitoring the current situation that it is in our best interest to continue the in-person worship cancellation through May.  This is by far the longest period of time in recent history for which we have had to close our doors to in-person worship.  However, there is definitely an excitement and a want among us all to get back to in-person worship once we can do so safely.

With that being said, we invite you all to tune in to the Shepherdcast on Sundays as we continue to bring you Pastor Scott’s weekly sermon in audio form.  You can hear it wherever you get your podcasts (to give direct links to just a few places: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Pocket Casts) or by visiting www.sotvchurch.com/shepherdcastAlso, we encourage you to share our podcast with your friends and family, as by doing that, you help us spread our message massively!

Webmaster’s Note: Please continue to keep all affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in your prayers. While by Ohio Department of Health Director Dr. Amy Acton’s stay-at-home order there is a clear exemption for religious organizations (which you can read about this and more on COVID-19 from the State of Ohio by clicking here), we are making these scheduling decisions at the church voluntarily based partially on guidance from our synod leadership and in an effort to protect not only our member but our community. While we pray for healing as followers of Christ, we know that it falls on us to follow the wisdom that can only be given to us by God to keep ourselves safe, as we heard in past sermons from Pastor Scott. We will have a singular place on our church website where we will post all COVID-19 related schedule changes at the church in addition to where they are posted on their regular channels. To go there now, please click here. While we participate in social distancing, we hope you will consider supporting organizations in our community that help those in need during this crisis, including through volunteerism if you can do so safely and without putting yourself at risk.