Changes being made to get out the Shepherdcast sooner

In an effort to subvert confusion, our church will be altering our schedule slightly for posting Shepherdcast episodes throughout the COVID-19 cancellation of in-person worship. A number of members and neighbors in the community have been contacting Jacob Schandel asking why the Shepherdcast is not up right at 9:30 AM on every podcast app. This is because podcast apps are required in most cases to use large computers to scan through thousands (or possibly millions) of databases of audio to find new episodes, which can take some time to do as so many podcasts exist. So, in an effort to better serve our community, we will be moving postings of online-only sermons for the duration of this situation to the early hours of Sunday morning so that podcast episodes will be, hopefully, in all apps by the time people are waking up. If anyone continues to have issues with podcast services not pulling in our sermons following Palm Sunday 2020, please contact Jacob Schandel at