“The church is far greater than just a building.” Join us as we continue our mission digitally throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Following a recommendation from Bishop Allende of the Northeastern Ohio Synod of the Evangelical Church in America and discussions between area clergy and between the church council and pastor, we made the decision to cancel worship services for Sunday, March 22, Sunday, March 29, and all of April and May. While this decision is not one that anyone is excited to make, we also realize that the church is far greater than just a building. So, we will continue our ministry at our church through the Shepherdcast. On these Sundays, though we won’t worship at the church, please join us for worship online through our church’s podcast, the Shepherdcast. As we await Christ’s death and resurrection, join us as we pray for the healing of the world, just as His death and resurrection helped to heal us from all of our sins.

For links to listen to the Shepherdcast through your podcast app or other source of choice, please click here.

As we move temporarily to an online-only worship format, we invite you to, should the spirit move you, support our church through your giving. We have begun the use of Tithe.ly, an online giving platform. If you wish to give to our church, please click here. Additionally, we ask that you continue to pray for those affected by this virus, be it those who have contracted COVID-19, workers who cannot work, the students who face new obstacles to learning, or anyone else affected by this pandemic.

Please also watch out for future announcements on an Easter celebration, to take place the first Sunday we can have in-person worship again!

Additionally, we will be cancelling in-person events for the months of April and May at the church. Some of these were already cancelled until further notice, like choir, Bible studies, and our LWR quilting group. One notable item on this list of cancellations is Shepherd’s Kitchen. You can read more about that here. We will also be holding council meetings via teleconferencing tools rather than in person at the church. Minutes for these meetings will still be posted to our website, and can be read by clicking here.

Webmaster’s Note: Please continue to keep all affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in your prayers. While by Ohio Department of Health Director Dr. Amy Acton’s stay-at-home order there is a clear exemption for religious organizations (which you can read about this and more on COVID-19 from the State of Ohio by clicking here), we are making these scheduling decisions at the church voluntarily based partially on guidance from our synod leadership and in an effort to protect not only our member but our community. While we pray for healing as followers of Christ, we know that it falls on us to follow the wisdom that can only be given to us by God to keep ourselves safe, as we heard in past sermons from Pastor Scott. This post will be updated as to provide a single spot for highlighting COVID-19 related schedule changes at our church in an effort to make finding this information easier for all. If you want to keep up with these changes, please feel free to bookmark this post. Below, we will make note when changes are made to the above content.

Edit, 03.21.2020: The statement above was revised to reflect the added cancellations of church services and events for the month of April.

Edit, 05.01.2020: The statement above was edited to reflect cancellations in May as well as make note of council meetings moving to digital. Additionally, we updated the link in the webmaster’s note and added synod resources.