Pastor Scott sends his thanks following outpouring of support during pneumonia, heart issues

Pastor Scott thanks everyone in the congregation for your generosity and thoughtfulness at Christmas.

Thank you for the marvelous gift from the congregation as well as thoughts, prayers, cookies, and cards (both Christmas and Get Well).  I truly feel blessed in serving here.  Thank you again for all that you have done for me at this time!

Rev. Scott J. Anderson

Before Christmas Eve, he was in the hospital for four days.  In addition to the pneumonia that he has been facing (and continues to have), he has also been diagnosed with some heart issues.  The ejection fraction of his left ventricle is significantly below the normal 55-60.  This resulted in fluid retention in his feet, ankles, lower legs, and around his lungs.  While in the hospital, a liter of fluid was drained around his right lung, which has helped his breathing and improved his shortness of breath.  A heart cath was also performed, which revealed no blockages at this time.  Also, no blood clots were discovered in his lower legs.  Pastor Scott is currently on medication and diet to help strengthen his heart.  Again, Pastor Scott thanks you for your prayers and support during this time.