Christmas cantata held on Sunday, December 16, now on the Shepherdcast and YouTube

This past Sunday, December 16, our choir held its annual cantata.  This year, the choir performed the cantata “Sing with the Angels!” as composed by Joel Raney, followed by a special song entitled “Somewhere in Your Silent Night” in loving memory of Jackie Wanner.  Following the performances, refreshments were provided by Valerie Kuhns and Becky Bowman.  In total, 87 people plus the choir attended this event in person (and a few more will be able to attend it digitally, as you will see below)!

We would like to thank our choir members, Pastor Scott Anderson, Bill Bowman, Karen Broadwater, Marylou Cooper, Jennifer Crone, Fred Drotleff, Norma Frascone, Janine Garber, Jim Hunter, Susan Lux, Dan Mason, Marilyn Mason, Sally Nesselrode, Bruce Pearson, Terry Pearson, Terri Wanner, and Michelle Ward, for all of the work they put into this event!  We would also like to thank Becky and Valerie for the food.  Additionally, we want to thank our soloist on “Somewhere in Your Silent Night,” Heidi Swinford.  Lastly, we want to thank Susan Kaschak, our choir director, for her hard work and planning on this!  Below are pictures from the event.

Thanks to a great deal of popular demand, we will be bringing the cantata to the Shepherdcast and our YouTube channel.  You can see them below!

Click here to view this video on YouTube.
Click here to listen to this on SoundCloud.

You can learn more about our choir by visiting  Also, you can hear the cantata and more choir music on the Shepherdcast wherever you get your podcasts or by visiting