REMINDER: Spare change drive going on this Advent for sleeping bags for the homeless

Throughout the year, behind the scenes, there have been ladies who have tediously been transforming ordinary plastic grocery bags into mats on which to lay sleeping bags when those without a home try to find a place to rest. The congregation is asked to donate either used sleeping bags (in good condition), a new sleeping bag, or money toward the purchase of new sleeping bags. We thank you for providing bags for the homeless throughout the year. Either ones that were used to create a waterproof mat or those which will provide warmth. We will also collect personal care items to include. See Jennifer Crone or Dottie Scott for more information.

Also, be the “Change” in the lives of homeless souls by contributing change (or Dollars) to the jar on the welcome table. The goal is to use those funds to purchase sleeping bags that will be donated along with plastic woven mats and personal hygiene products to those who are lacking shelter. Please see Dottie Scott for more information.