Coming soon: Shepherdcast podcast to feature weekly sermons, Bible readings

Our church’s Media and Technology Committee has some exciting news!  Following the acceptance of a Thrivent Action Team grant, we will be purchasing loaner MP3 players as well as the accessories required to go with them so that we can lend them to our shut-ins and those who may be ill or hospitalized and cannot come to church.  These MP3s will be loaded each week with the sermon and weekly Bible readings so that they can enjoy the Good News as if they got to be with us on Sunday to hear it.

Additionally, we will be doing something brand new! In addition to distributing the sermon and weekly readings as an audio recording to our shut-ins, we will be delivering it online as a weekly podcast which we are calling the Shepherdcast! So, whether you are on the go and still want to catch the weekly sermon, are looking for a new church home, or would just simply like to hear the Good News brought to you in a weekly podcast, we hope you will check out the Shepherdcast!

We look forward to starting these new programs! The Shepherdcast will be launching with our All Saints Sunday, November 4, service. The sermon distribution to the shut-ins will begin soon after the first full episode of the Shepherdcast comes out. You can subscribe now to the Shepherdcast wherever you get your podcasts! You can learn more at

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Click here to here a short, one-minute teaser from Jacob Schandel for the Shepherdcast over on Spotify!