Need to contact Pastor Scott? Here’s the info!

Pastor Scott’s office hours will be Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, 10 AM to 5 PM. This will be a temporary until he gets a set schedule. You may reach him at the church’s main line at 330.866.9293 during his office hours, or on his cell at 830.399.9766. (Yes, his area code is 830.) He can also be reached at As always, if you ever need to contact our church, you can find our contact info as well as easy to use contact forms for Mary, Pastor Scott, and Jacob at or by doing one of the following:
  • On a computer: From our homepage, hover over “Our Church” and select “Contact the Church” from the dropdown.
  • On mobile: Tap the three-line button below our logo at the top of the page.  Then, tap the arrow by “Our Church.”  Then, from the dropdown, select “Contact the Church.”