Excerpt from Cross Talk, May 2018: reminder to update the office with info

The following is an excerpt from Pr. Ken’s monthly message in the newsletter.
I am continuing to update the directory. My biggest obstacles have been the failure of people to respond to my card left in their door, and/or the failure to return my phone calls. I have received all kinds of responses of those I have met. In some cases, I have added several names to the shut-in list; crossed off some people who were never considered themselves members; some have died; others who have moved on to other churches, and still others who have just given up on going to church altogether. The last ones are the ones which concern me the most. I am a firm believer that “Church is not a building you go to, but it is a family you belong to.”  If you have not heard from the church, it could be because you have changed you phone number and forgot to notify the office. Most of all, I would hope if you are ill, or have to go to the hospital, you MUST notify the church office (or me), otherwise we do not know. The hospital used to notify the churches as a service, but due to privacy issues, they are no longer permitted to do so.
-Pr. Ken Reinoehl
If you have any updates for the church, please contact us!  Our contact information can be found at www.sotvchurch.com/contact.  Also, we would like to remind you that, if there is an urgent prayer request you would like sent to the congregation by e-mail, you can send it during church office hours (Monday-Wednesday, 9 AM-1 PM) to our secretary, Mary Drotleff.  After hours, you can send it to our webmaster, Jacob Schandel.