Updates on the secretarial search: new announcements deadline and about the e-mail address

Until we get a new secretary (which applications are open for, by the way), the following info will help explain a few clerical things with regards to the management of the church office technology.

The Secretary’s E-mail Address

Any messages sent to the e-mail address info@sotvchurch.com will be automatically forwarded to Jacob Schandel so they can be redirected to people who can answer them.

Announcements Deadlines

Effective Sunday, January 28, and until further notice, Jacob Schandel will be taking care of the printing for Sunday service materials. The actual bulletins used for leading worship are printed until February 11, but the announcements Jacob will be taking care of each week until we run out of bulletins, at which time he will oversee the printing of both documents. If you have something for the bulletin or announcements insert, please get it to info@sotvchurch.com by Tuesday morning at 9 AM if at all possible. That being said, we are aware that this is shorter notice than the due time Chaney had set for announcements and other bulletin items. If there would be some reason that he would have already printed announcements and there was a new announcement to add, he will work with people to make sure info is getting where it needs to go. All announcements he receives that do not contain a personal address will go onto the website as soon as possible, whether he get it before Tuesday or not, and as a reminder: the site is automated to distribute announcements to Cross Talk Online subscribers on Sunday mornings, so you can get them there in addition to receiving it in print on Sundays.  Want to sign up for it?  Click here.

Edit, 11:06 AM on 2.3.2018: Updated the forwarding information under The Secretary’s E-mail Address following news of Jackie Wanner’s passing. Please keep Jackie’s friends and family in your prayers, that the Lord may comfort them throughout their time of loss.